Heat Ledger Ltd and the HEAT cryptocurrency
Investor Information

Heat Ledger is a Limited Liability company with registered office in Helsinki, Finland. The company arranged seed funding round through cryptocurrencies in August 2016. 25 million HEAT tokens are distributed to investors and stakeholders on pro rata basis in January 2017.

The company will arrange 2nd investment round and public share offering of stock equity in Q1-Q2 2017. New company shares will be released to constitute 20% - 25% of total company equity, in order to raise between 500k to 1.5M EUR funding to further develop company operations.

In Jan-Feb 2017 The company releases up to 62500 free options for HEAT token holders. Each 400 HEAT entitles for one free option upon technical proof of HEAT ownership. Each option has the right to obtain company shares at 50% discount in the share offering. The options can be traded on the decentralized HEAT exchange starting from Feb 2017.

Investor deck and FY 2016 statements will be available upon request. Please contact us privately for details or partnership arrangements.


Heat Ledger Ltd funding process and the HEAT tokens

Business diagram

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HEAT Ledger Ltd
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