HEAT Blockchain - Mining & Rewards Program


The public HEAT blockchain is always looking for new miners / forgers to maintain it. Participants in a mining get rewarded for dedicating their resources and time to solving computational algorithms. Join the community and get your node up and running in ten minutes. The instructions below will help you set it up quickly.


The installation instructions are divided into the following stages: 1. preparation 2. installation 3. forging launch 4. usage tips 5. useful commands


  • Order a Virtual Private Server , for example at ovh.com. Here is an updated list of best VPS providers. And here one if looking for temporary Free options. 
  • Create an account at http://heatwallet.com and write down your account number and passphrase.
  • Open your terminal on your computer to enter command lines.


  • In the terminal enter…ssh root@yourserver.ovh.net. Then enter the root password when asked. 
  • Packages and updates: * sudo apt-get update * sudo apt-get upgrade * sudo apt-get install default-jdk * sudo apt-get install unzip * sudo apt-get install curl.
  • Get the latest version of the app (v2.5.3) and open up the app folder. You can find the latest releases: * https://github.com/Heat-Ledger-Ltd/heatledger/releases. * wget https://github.com/Heat-Ledger-Ltd/heatledger/releases/download/v2.5.3/heatledger-2.5.3.zip. * unzip heatledger-2.5.3.zip cd heatledger-2.5.3.
  • Edit the conf file… vi conf/heat-default.properties. Press I to go in insert mode and change these fields: * heat.apiKey=something (Change this by anything) * heat.myAddress=Public IP address * heat.myPlatform= (Your Heat account number, create an account at heatwallet.com) * heat.maxNumberOfConnectedPublicPeers=500 * heat.myHallmark=Your Hallmark generated from https://heatwallet.com/api/#!/Tools/encode (you will need your secret passphrase to generate your Hallmark and the IP of your server) Press ESC once it's edited. Enter :w to save. Enter :q to quit. 
  • Start the blockchain. screen -mS heatledger bin/heatledger Wait for full sync with the blockchain. Once you have downloaded the latest block from this page https://heatwallet.com/#/explorer you can start forging. You can also check that your node is online at https://heatwallet.com/nodes.cgi (it might take a few minutes before it shows).


  • Open a new tab in the terminal (Cmd+T on Mac). 
  • Log in again in your server if you are not logged in (step 1).
  • Go inside the heat folder by using cd heatledger-2.5.3.
  • Replace YOURAPIKEY by your ApiKey then enter this command : read -s KEY ; curl -k -s "http://localhost:7733/api/v1/mining/start/${KEY// /%20}?api_key=YOURAPIKEY" ; unset KEY.
  • Enter your passphrase and then the enter button.
  • If you see something like {"deadline":55985,"hitTime":110535218} it's forging. 


  • If you close the window and want to come back, just log in in the server again (step 1) and type screen -r, if the window doesn't show directly type screen -r ID (example : screen -r 2230) the ID can be found by typing screen -r. 
  • Check on https://heatwallet.com/nodes.cgi that your node is running. You can check your rewards at https://heatbrowser.com/report.html Your can have a view of your account at http://heatnodes.org/?ac=ACCOUNT&page_id=136 (replace ACCOUNT by your Heat account number).
  • You can also check other information at http://heatnodes.org/?page_id=329. 


  • List folders : ls -l. 
  • Stop Node : CTRL + C.
  • Screen help : https://www.tecmint.com/screen-command-examples-to-manage-linux-terminals/. 


HEAT LEDGER LTD. (HL), founded in 2016, is a multinational blockchain software company based in Helsinki, Finland. Our mission is to be recognized among users, developers and organizations as the number 1 platform to create, manage, store and trade digital assets. HEAT Ledger believes in the concept of decentralization as a way to create a more inclusive and democratized market environment.